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Simpósio de Visualização em Big Data

O  Symposium on the Emerging Science of Big Data Visualization ocorreu em Maio desse ano na Caltech e teve como objetivo realizar um panorama de como andam os estudos e as perspectivas em relação à visualização de dados nesta época de Big Data. Abaixo a descrição do evento:

Nearly every scientific and engineering endeavor faces a fundamental challenge to see and extract insights from data. Effective Data Science and Visualization can lead to new discoveries. Together, we at Caltech, NASA JPL, and Art Center represent the same convergence of science, engineering and design that drives new Big Data-powered discovery. Industry leaders came together for a series of talks to inspire, unite, and challenge our community to re-examine our practices, and our perspectives.

O evento foi registrado e tem a participação da brasileira Fernanda Viegas que trabalhou no Many Eyes e atualmente está no MIT.

  • Introduction – Scott Davidoff, Hillary Mushkin, and Maggie Hendrie
  • Interactive Data Analysis – Jeffrey Heer
  • Reduction/Revelation – Jer Thorp
  • When Art and Analytics Overlap – Golan Levin
  • Communicating Science to the Public – Eric Rodenbeck
  • Visualizing Natural and Cultural Phenomena – Fernanda Viegas & Martin Wattenberg
  • Objects and Data Collections in Early Scientific Disciplines – Anja-Silvia Goeing

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