Machine Learning new version of the quote: “In God we trust, all others must bring data”

Edwards Deming said: In God we trust, all others must bring data.Source Wikipedia In face of a very nice thread of Cecile Janssens in Twitter I’m making this new statement for every ML Engineer, Data Analyst, Data Scientist hereafter: “IN GOD WE TRUST, OTHERS MUST BRING THE RAW DATA WITH THE SOURCE CODE OF THE EXTRACTION IN THE GITHUB“CLESIO, Flavio.

Robô chines é primeira máquina a passar em um exame de Medicina

How is Artificial Intelligence Shaping our Future?

Matéria interessante do China Daily: A robot has passed the written test of China’s national medical licensing examination, an essential entrance exam for doctors, making it the first robot in the world to pass such an exam.Its developer iFlytek Co Ltd, a leading Chinese artificial intelligence company, said on Thursday that the robot scored 456 points, 96 points higher than the required marks.The artificial-intelligence-enabled robot can automatically capture and analyze patient information and make initial diagnosis.