This is my personal blog where I post some news and ideas about things and projects that I’m usually working on, whether it’s academic, professional or personal.

Some ideas take a long time to take shape, and posts may be with some kind of omission of information or even minor technical errors.

One (good) externality of having the process of constant learning is that part of my thoughts and opinions change over time, which means that part of what I put in at some point in the past may be different from the present.

That way this space here does not represent in any way any type of strategy, thoughts, or technical direction of what my past and/or future employers are planning and/or doing at the moment.

Much of what is and/or will be posted here is the result of research and clippings that I use to organize my mind regarding Machine Learning, Data Mining, and analytics interests in general, and it is far from being the largest source of accurate information of the universe.

Therefore, I ask the only temperance regarding the use of information for professional or academic applications and use sobriety to capture what is good and cool in its context and abstract what is not so interesting.