Accelerating the XGBoost algorithm using GPU computing

A fronteira final em relação ao uso com GPU de um dos mais poderosos algoritmos de todos os tempos está aqui.

Abstract: We present a CUDA based implementation of a decision tree construction algorithm within the gradient boosting library XGBoost. The tree construction algorithm is executed entirely on the GPU and shows high performance with a variety of datasets and settings, including sparse input matrices. Individual boosting iterations are parallelized, combining two approaches. An interleaved approach is used for shallow trees, switching to a more conventional radix sort based approach for larger depths. We show speedups of between 3-6x using a Titan X compared to a 4 core i7 CPU, and 1.2x using a Titan X compared to 2x Xeon CPUs (24 cores). We show that it is possible to process the Higgs dataset (10 million instances, 28 features) entirely within GPU memory. The algorithm is made available as a plug-in within the XGBoost library and fully supports all XGBoost features including classification, regression and ranking tasks.