Análise de Whiskies usando K-Means

Uma ótima análise usando K-Means com o R. Mais do que a análise, esse post é uma aula de como proceder com uma análise de cluster usando a determinação arbitrária de clusters como o K-means exige.

Com isso a geração dos resultados e da análise ficam muito mais ‘walk-thru’ e muito menos black-box.

O resultado final?

“[…]The results indicate that there is a lot of variation in flavor profiles within the different scotch whisky regions. Note that initial cluster centers are chosen at random. In order to replicate the results, you will need to run the following code before your analysis. set.seed(1) Further data analysis would be required to determine whether proximity to types of water sources or terrain types drive common flavor profiles. This could be done by obtaining shape files and adding them as an additional layer to the ggmap plot. For me, I have identified my next to-try single malt. Talisker is still within the familiar realm of cluster 4 but a little more malty, fruity and spicy. Sounds like the perfect holiday mix. […]”