Conselhos práticos para análise de dados

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Nesse post do Patrick Riley há uma ótima descrição de uma heurística de como realizar análise de dados de uma maneira um pouco mais sistematizada.

Technical: Ideas and techniques for how to manipulate and examine your data. Process: Recommendations on how you approach your data, what questions to ask, and what things to check. Social: How to work with others and communicate about your data and insights.

Em relação aos desdobramentos dessa heurística ele apresenta os seguintes pontos:

Technical - Look at your distributions - Consider the outliers - Report noise/confidence - Look at examples - Slice your data - Consider practical significance - Check for consistency over time

Process - Separate Validation, Description, and Evaluation - Confirm expt/data collection setup - Check vital signs - Standard first, custom second - Measure twice, or more - Check for reproducibility - Check for consistency with past measurements - Make hypotheses and look for evidence - Exploratory analysis benefits from end to end iteration

Social - Data analysis starts with questions, not data or a technique - Acknowledge and count your filtering - Ratios should have clear numerator and denominators - Educate your consumers - Be both skeptic and champion - Share with peers first, external consumers second - Expect and accept ignorance and mistakes - Closing thoughts