Loan products and Credit Scoring Methods by Commercial Banks

Abstract - This study describes the loan products offered by the commercial banks and credit scoring techniques used for classifying risks and granting credit to the applicants in India. The loan products offered by commercial banks are: Housing loans, Personal loans, Business loan, Education loans, Vehicle loans etc. All the loan products are categorized as secures and unsecured loans. Credit scoring techniques used for both secured as well as unsecured loans are broadly divided into two categories as Advanced Statistical Methods and Traditional Statistical Methods

Conclusion: In a new or emerging market, the operational, technical, business and cultural issues should be considered with the implementation of the credit scoring models for retail loan products. The operational issues relate to the use of the model and it is imperative that the staff and the management of the bank understand the purpose of the model. Application scoring models should be used for making credit decisions on new applications and behavioral models for retail loan products to supervise existing borrowers for limit expansion or for marketing of new products. The technical issues relate to the development of proper infrastructure, maintenance of historical data and software needed to build a credit scoring model for retail loan products within the bank. The business issues relate to whether the soundness and safety of the banks could be achieved through the adoption of the quantitative credit decision models, which would send a positive impact in the banking sector. The cultural issues relate to making credit irrespective of race, colour_, sex, religion, marital status, age or ethnic origin. Further, the models have to be validated so as to ensure that the model performance is compatible in meeting the business as well as the regulatory requirements. Thus, the above issues have to be considered while developing and implementing credit scoring models for retail loan products within_ a new or emerging markets_._