The Art of Making questions and EDA

Two very thoughtful articles about it:

a) Roger’s Peng article called Tukey, Design Thinking, and Better Questions that contains the following passage:

If a good exploratory technique gives you more data, then maybe good exploratory data analysis gives you more questions, or better questions. More refined, more focused, and with a sharper point. The benefit of developing a sharper question is that it has a greater potential to provide discriminating information. With a vague question, the best you can hope for is a vague answer that may not lead to any useful decisions. Exploratory data analysis (or maybe just data analysis) gives you the tools that let the data guide you towards a better question.

Tukey, Design Thinking, and Better Questions

b) This article from Tom Pohlmann and Neethi Mary Thomas called Relearning the Art of Asking Questions that contains one of the best question framework ever created;